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Modern Medicinals™ CBD Oil provides all the results you're looking for when it comes to CBD. 

Truly effective relief comes from bio-available molecules of CBD.

Our proprietary all-natural process produces the only 100% bio-available CBD product on the market.  Using bio-available CBD allows your body to absorb it right away.

Modern Medicinals won't get you high.

Modern Medicinals CBD Oil has no psychoactive effects or muscle impairment, which allows you to feel your best at all hours of the day.

100% Natural.  100% Pure.  

We process exclusively from Oregon CBD Flower using organic ingredients and rigorously test at the most accredited lab in the state because we are dedicated to providing the safest and most trusted CBD product you can buy.  

The FDA prevents us from saying Modern Medicinals CBD Oil is effective for a variety of conditions, but we're happy to let the experts weigh in on the matter.