CBD for People

How to Use CBD Oil

Since Modern Medicinals is a topical and a tincture, there are several ways you can use it for a variety of conditions.

Pro Tip

Holding a dose of Mm between the lip and gum is also an effective way to get quick absorption.

Adding to food or drink

you can certainly do this, but it's not a great way to get the most out of your CBD experience.  There's a longer explanation below, but the short version is this:  you stomach acid will destroy most the bioavailable CBD and it will take longer for you to feel anything.  But if that's your jam, go for it (just not if you live in California.)

How we use CBD

While there have been some claims of positive results from ingesting CBD, our experience with humans is the full CBD experience is best attained by sublingual or topical dosing. This is not to say that putting CBD in your tea is bad, it’s just not very economical, as current science indicates at least 95% of the CBD molecules are destroyed by the liver.