100% Bio Available CBD is the only way to go.

Bio available CBD means your body can use it right away for faster absorption. And faster absorption means you can get back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible. Modern Medicinals CBD Oil has a 5 minute activation time when used topically or taken under the tongue. That’s fast!

Modern Medicinals CBD contains 2 organic ingredients: coconut oil and pure bio available CBD. That’s it.

We’re dedicated to making the purest CBD Oil available because we care about what we put into our own bodies too!

  • No Alcohol

  • No THC

  • No CO2


We have proof.

Read our best in class 3rd party test results for yourself!

We believe in the truth. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about CBD. And many products that claim to contain CBD actually don’t contain any at all.

Every batch of Modern Medicinals CBD Oil is tested for purity and potency so you know what you read on the label is what’s actually in the bottle.

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 Tested for purity.

Tested for purity.


You don’t eat the leaves of a potato. And you don’t want to use the “whole plant” when it come to CBD. The roots, stems and stalks do not contain any CBD. The trichomes (the crystals on the flower) contain more than 90% of the raw CBD present at the time of harvest. Modern Medicinals is processed entirely from Oregon CBD Flower, and contains complimentary cannabinoids and terpenes that enhance the natural power of the CBD molecule. This “entourage effect” provides more complete interactions than products using C02 to produce CBD isolates or crystals. Mix the entourage effect with the bio-available CBD in every bottle of Modern Medicinals, and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse combination!


What is Oregon CBD Flower?

Oregon outline CBD Flower.jpg

We make Modern Medicinals™  from Oregon CBD Flower which is  genetically identical to the plant you can find in a dispensary that's marketed as high CBD.  Since the plant contains less than 3% THC in the field, it is eligible to be classified as an agricultural product. The products derived from it are no longer solely governed by marijuana laws, thereby making it legal to ship to almost every state.

What experts are saying

“I use the highest quality CBD oil because my patients expect the best. And now they’ve come to expect Modern Medicinals with every treatment!”

-Sandy Riedman, LAc LMT, Owner Mandala Medicine & Wellness

“Modern Medicinals is better because they use the part of the plant that contains the actual CBD. And they never use solvents or any other chemicals in their extraction process.”

-Bridgette Raes, Author “Why I Swear by CBD Oil”

Hemp Oil is made from the seeds and stalks of industrial hemp plants, which contain little to no usable CBD. And you’re more likely to find ground based toxins in industrial hemp oil.

CBD Oil is made using the flower of the plant and is the only true source of quality CBD.

Modern Medicinals CBD is made from the finest Oregon CBD Flower and is 100% Bio Available for maximum absorption!