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How do I take Modern Medicinals CBD Oil?

You can apply it directly where needed - Mm absorbs very quickly into the skin.

By mouth, we recommend dissolving 0.5 ml under the tongue. Hold it there for 30 to 60 seconds. This ensures the fastest activation time - usually within 5 minutes!

Start with 0.5 ml as a therapeutic dose taken 3 times a day.  The graduated dropper makes for easy measuring!   Usually the last dose is taken just before bedtime.  Since everyone metabolizes differently, the time between doses can vary and is entirely controlled by how you are feeling at the moment.  Our experience favors dosing more frequently, rather than taking larger amounts per dose.

What is the correct dose?  How much should I take?

Every person has a different situation, so there is no standard dose. We encourage you to take as much as you need to achieve the desired effect, and then modify frequency and amount from there. Usually, 0.5ml (half a dropper full) 2 to 3 times a day for up to a week is a good place to start. After that, experiment with what works best for you. There is no threshold for how much you can take.

Will I get high?

Nope. Not unless you get high from feeling your best!  Mm contains less than 0.03% THC which is so small, it barely registers on the test at our labs. You’ll be able to think clearly and move with control. It is physically impossible to get high from CBD alone.

Why is bio-available CBD important?

Bio-Available CBD can be immediately absorbed by your body. These molecules interact with your internal endocannabinoid system (ECS) to promote an overall state of homeostasis (well being) which makes Modern Medicinals CBD Oil a great choice for a variety of well known conditions.

Is Mm a tincture or a topical? Do I need to vape it?

Yes, yes, and no. Since we only use two organic ingredients as the base, Mm is both a tincture and a topical. It can be applied directly to the body or absorbed under the tongue. Please do not try to vape or smoke Mm. 

Mm is ready to use right out of the bottle!

Is Modern Medicinals CBD Oil right for me?

The short answer is "yes". The long answer is "yesssssssss".

Is Mm suitable for pets?

Also a firm "yes".  A general therapeutic dose for older pets can start at 1/4 ml, two or three times daily. You will be able to observe your pet's demeanor and adjust the frequency accordingly.  

How is Modern Medicinals tested?

We voluntarily adhere to the highest standards for testing available. Every batch of Mm CBD OIL is ORELAP tested and has passed the Oregon Deptarment of Agriculture (ODA) control study for consistency.  In addition, Mm has never failed a test for microbes, pesticides, or pathogens.

What if I don't live in Oregon? Can you ship Mm to me?

Yes, yes we can*. Please visit our online store!

*Unless you live in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, or South Dakota where you'll have to take it up with the state legislature.

Can I use Mm in place of OTC medication or opioids?

That's a great question and we definitely would love to answer that, but unfortunately the existing regulatory bodies prohibit anyone from making these type of claims. However, there’s certainly a lot of information out there (cough, cough, Google, cough cough).

What is Oregon CBD Flower?

Oregon CBD Flower is the same genetic plant you can find in a dispensary that's marketed as high CBD. Since the plant contains less than 3% THC in the field, it is eligible to be classified as an agricultural product. The products derived from it are no longer solely governed by marijuana laws, thereby making it legal to ship to almost every state. (Once again, sorry Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.)