Modern Medicinals CBD Oil. 100% Pure.  100% Bio Available.

Modern Medicinals CBD Oil. 100% Pure.  100% Bio Available.

Real CBD for Real People.

Modern Medicinals is founded on the belief that everyone deserves to feel their best.   As a family company, owned and operated in Portland, Oregon, we are dedicated to making a premium bio available CBD oil that helps you feel your best at all hours of the day.  

We initially developed our bio available CBD oil for the Oregon dispensary market, which people have safely and enthusiastically used for over four years.  Modern Medicinals  still uses the same production methods and testing protocols for every batch of CBD oil.

Pure.  Reliable.  Authentic.

And while we would love to list the variety of conditions that people report treating with Modern Medicinals CBD Oil, the FDA is very serious about removing and preventing those statements from any product literature.  Listing that information is a big no-no, so please break out your Google skills and discover them for yourself!